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A Better Way to Learn

Amway is driven by a single, clear vision - "to help people live better lives." Their business is powered by brands that do wonders, opportunities that empower, relationships that endure and by our belief in global citizenship that is truly purposeful which has helped 12 million children since 2003.


About the Project

Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses, they approached us to create a digital experience framework to help their staff learn faster about their business and do better, reselling Amway products and move up the ladder faster, On top of all that every Amway staff has a leader and advisor that they wanted to easily approach, communicate with and learn from.

Our goal was to learn as much as we can from the business and its staff, identify problems and create solutions.



With this project we needed to get into research mode as soon as possible, we had little understanding of the business and Amway had little understanding of their problem and the solution was vague.

Amway wanted their staff to be more engaged and to be able to improve and learn faster, Amway staff wanted better content to learn from that was easy to access and to have better communication with their leader/advisors.

We planned our research and kicked off with a workshop with the Amway team.



We ran a three day workshop with the Amway team and the development agency to gain an understanding of the problems were and gather everybody’s thoughts on what success could look like to them.

We then realised the main problem was with communication between the Amway new team members (called 15%) and communication with their mentors and gaining knowledge quickly and easily about Amway products and processes. This would help these team members move quickly from a 15% team member to a Platinum team member.

Very quickly we realised this was going to be a content heavy eLearning solution for the Amway team.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to gather all these content and remake them in a way where it’s engaging and fun for the 15% members so that they would continue working towards their Platinum title.


Identifying the Problem

Amway provided example content for an existing learning module called “Advising your downline” which is currently delivered in a 2 hour seminar format. The module included:

  1. A 61 slide powerpoint presentation
  2. A 48 page facilitator guide
  3. A 113 page participant guide
  4. 9 audio clips (each between 30 secs to 1 minute)
  5. 6 video clips (each between 1 and 13 minutes)

Surveys and Interviews

We wanted to validate our hypothesis, we started sending out a couple of surveys and conducting a few staff interviews.

This helped us get a better understanding of the direction we wanted to take and it gave us the confident that we are on the right track with our process.


Persona Development

In order for us to have specific users to build for we identified types of our users and we put together personas for them.


Competitor Analysis

We explored competitor digital learning platforms (Kahn Academy, Treehouse, Bento, Code Academy) to understand how they structure and convey information.

We explored parallel services such as Buzzfeed to understand how they present content for digital platforms in fun and engaging ways.

We determined the most appropriate formats and structures for the content that would suit digital consumption of a pathway-style of learning.

We re-purposed one part of the module content taking a condensed ‘bite-sized’ approach to the amount of information and the style of communication.

Product Development

The Product

Our research helped us identify the key problems and a possible solution. There are 54,500 15% ABOs throughout the region with the potential to reach Platinum. Across APAC, the average time taken to reach Platinum is 4.3 years. 42% ABOs who reach platinum status don’t have the skills or tools to sustain it and don’t qualify.

Our solution was to transform the 15% to APAC Signatures journey putting Amway’s APAC business on a new trajectory of faster, controllable and sustainable growth.

Product Development

User Journeys

To understand the system and its usage we mapped out our types of users with their journeys.

Product Development

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

After the research phase we moved in house with the SKY team to work closely with the stakeholders to ensure the outcome would be as great as it can be. We carried out daily standups and weekly presentations to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Product Development

Service Mapping

After we got the client’s approval on our idea through the user journeys and the wireframes we moved quickly into service mapping to map out flows and features on every page and to consult with the developers early on.

Service Map
Product Development

UX Workshop

We started developing mockups early and to be able to quickly capture all the UX problems and flows on the product we ran a couple of internal workshops with designers to quickly spot and fix these issues.

Design System

Style Guides

Amway didn’t have a particular style guide developed for this product, so we took the matter into our own hands, we started by looking at Amway and what they’re all about and then we looked at the objective of this product, it needed to be fun and engaging, this helped us to make the decision of a non-formal looking font and colours. The rest of the assets like logos were provided to us by Amway.

Design System


Simple and legible typography was the way to go, also the budget for design wasn’t much so we ended up going with a simple and popular Google font.

Design System

Color Palette

The color palette inspiration was to make the site as fun and engagin as possible and therefore the decision was to go with a more fun and colorful color palette.

UI Design


After our research and our proof of concept our proposition was a digital business incubator to provide a “one-stop shop” for entrepreneurial support enabling ABOs to: Meet their goals faster, Grow their business sustainably, Be recognised and supported by their upline.

The platform was an invitation-only digital service for identified ‘business builders’ with the potential to reach platinum, a co-branded and co-created Amway + LOS environment providing exclusive, inspirational content and interactive tools to help ABOs monitor progress and succeed. With engaging, fun and ‘sticky’ tools and rich media content that will reach, hook in and keep ABOs coming back and interacting with the platform.

Goal setting and business simulation tools providing demonstrable evidence of the benefits of engaging with the platform and implementing changes to the way you run your business.

A service which will recognise ABOs’ achievements and progress as well as their engagement within their family. Provide motivation for ABOs, not just at major milestones but at the stages in between too and provide fun community-based opportunities to interact with other ABOs, for example events and birthdays.

UI Design


As any good design we didn’t stop with just putting the UI elements together, we really thought through the different states and their affects on our user’s experience.

UI Design

Mobile First

Our testing and surveys proved to us that our users really wanted to be able to access content on their phones and tablets so we designed a complete responsive web application using the mobile first methodology.

UI Design

Web App

This was the result of the v1.0 of their eLearning platform, this includes 2 types of user groups, Leaders and Builders.

The End

Up Next

Wow! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’m afraid this case study is just about over. But I’ve prepared a few more for you so there’s no need to panic (yet).